IMG_20131017_125123Allison Carter is a content strategist and freelance writer. She has happily made a career writing content, blogging, speaking at conferences, and consulting. But her heart is in her creative pursuits. She blogs regularly(ish) at Go Dansker Mom. Here she delivers heartfelt pieces on parenting, Martha Moments, lists, tips, and whatever else modern moms think about. She has two boys and is happily married so there are a lot of dirt and bugs in her life.  Her writing has appeared on Scary Mommy, Felicity Huffman’s site What the Flicka?,, Mamalode, Mom365, in the book The Her Stories Project: Women Explore the Joy, Pain and Power of Female Friendship, and many local news outlets and papers. 

She finds writing the most rewarding when it is the hardest.  The more she cries while writing the more she feels healed when the piece is done.  She wishes she could send apologies like her essay in this anthology to everyone she has ever wronged.  But it would probably take more days than she has.
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