Alexis_Calabrese_HeadshotAlexis is a native New Yorker now living in New Jersey where she works as a Creative Director/Copywriter. In addition to writing ads and web content, she also writes memoir-based essays and is nearly finished with her first book, a YA story about two sisters.

Finding the time to write is her biggest challenge so she has reluctantly become a morning person, waking before her two young kids to pound away on her vintage keyboard (it still makes those “clickety” noises) before the light of day.

The essay she wrote for My Other Ex starts off with a disagreement over poorly chosen words. It’s in the silence that follows the disagreement that Alexis realizes she was holding on to one of her oldest friends for all the wrong reasons.

When she’s not writing, she can be found running trails with her dog Tilly, hanging out with her husband and kids and searching for the perfect snack.

Connect with Alexis on Instagram (@funkylsax), Twitter (@funkyslax) and LinkedIn (Alexis Schettini Calabrese).