Jarrell Head ShotAndrea Jarrell’s essays have appeared in The New York Times; Narrative Magazine; Memoir; Brain, Child; Literary Mama; The Washington Post; Washingtonian Magazine; and The Christian Science Monitor. She writes about love, sex, family, and mothering.

Her My Other Ex essay “What We Don’t Say” is part of a collection of personal essays that build on her New York Times “Modern Love” column – “A Measure of Desire.” “What We Don’t Say” traces a friendship that begins in college with a doppelgänger pair of young women who become inseparable.

Jarrell grew up in Los Angeles and has lived in Austin, Santa Fe, New York City, coastal Maine, and Paris. Place factors into her memoir in significant ways. By day she is the principal of a marketing firm specializing in colleges and universities. She earned her BA at Scripps College and her MFA in creative writing and literature at Bennington College and is a recipient of a Martin Dibner Writing Fellowship. She now lives in Washington, DC with her husband and two children.

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