The HerStories Project is dedicated to helping women find support, reclaim a sense of self, and reinvent themselves during the transitional period of new motherhood.

When a mother finally emerges from the baby fog of the 4th trimester, she may look around, bewildered, not recognizing her own life. After transitioning out of the survival mode that accompanies the newborn months, mothers often realize that their support system as they knew it is no longer adequate to meet their needs. A mother may feel isolated, guilty, and confused about how to define herself in the context of her new life. Modifying old relationships and seeking out new sources of support is not always easy, and it may feel like an impossible task during a particularly overwhelming stage of life.

With this project, we have several goals:

  • Seeking your valuable input through our New Motherhood Survey. Take the survey here and add your voice!
  • Consulting a variety of experts to bring you helpful and meaningful information about how to find support during this stage.
  • Sharing our own stories of motherhood and friendship
  • Featuring more powerful HerStories guest contributor essays
  • Creating a book proposal for our project:  HerStories: Finding Support, Staying Sane, and Reinventing Yourself During New Motherhood

We welcome — and need! — your participation during every component of this project.  By taking the survey, sharing your experiences, and becoming a part of the HerStories community, you can help us to create a useful and supportive resource for new motherhood.

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