Are you looking to learn a little more about friendship?  Confused about where to learn about how to make and keep friends as an adult?

Try a few of these resources to get you started:

Websites and Blogs
Such a cool idea!  It’s a girlfriend matching service!  Created by
friendship expert Shasta Nelson, this online community helps you to
expand your circle of friends.  See a group of friends who met using this community on Katie Couric’s talk show during her “friendship” episode, featuring Shasta.  Shasta also has her own friendship blog as well.

Girlfriendology:  Another online community to celebrate and give advice about female friendship.

Under a Friendly Spell:  Journalist and former editor Carla Flora’s Psychology Today friendship blog.

My articles on female friendship:

Female Friendship:  More Than Just Girls Night Out and Mean Girls

Are Female Friendships More Intense Than Male Friendships?

Books About Friendship:

She Matters: A Life in Friendships by Susanna Sonnenburg.  The memoir of friendship stories that first inspired our reflections about our own relationships.

by Rachel Bertsche.  This is a memoir about Rachel — a married white
female — and her quest for Miss Right, a new best friend, after she
moves to Chicago to be with her new husband.  Also, check out her blog based on the book.

Friendfluence:  The Surprising Ways That Friendships Make Us Who We Are by Carla Flora.  An examination of friendship based on research evidence and women’s own stories by a journalist and former Psychology Today editor.

Friendships Don’t Just Happen! 
A Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of Girlfriends by Shasta
Nelson.  A guide for how to create friendships in today’s busy world by
the CEO of GriendFriendCircles.Com.

Twisted Sisterhood:  Unraveling the Dark Mysteries of Female Friendships by Kelly Valen.  After the public response to a New York Times essay about her own painful girlfriend experiences, Valen began a national survey of female friendship and came up with some tough conclusions about the legacy of female friendship.

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