Portrait from JenniKristin Shaw is a freelance writer, wife, and mama to a mini-Texan. In 2013, her blog Two Cannoli was named a Babble Top 100 site, and she was recognized as Type-A We Still Blog awards finalist. She’s proud to be a 2013 cast member and now co-producer of the Listen To Your Mother show in Austin. She was recently named a BlogHer Voice of the Year reader for 2014, and she writes for the Huffington Post.
Born in Hackensack, NJ, and raised in Elkhart, Indiana, she has steadily moved south through Ohio, Georgia, and down to Texas, and she rarely misses snow.  
 Kristin’s essay in My Other Ex,  “Friendship is a Verb,” tells the story of a friendship that simply disappeared without any explanation, and the space that is left behind. She believes that friendship is something you choose to make time to foster.