Mothering Through the Darkness Contributors


Meet the contributors to Mothering Through the Darkness: Women Open Up About the Postpartum Experience, to be published by She Writes Press in November 2015.

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"Even Shamans Get the Blues"
"My Personal Ocean of Depression"
"Recovering My Stranger Self"
"His Baby Watermelon Head"
"The Savage Song of My Birthright Blues"
"Hanging on by a Thread"
"Recognizing the Darkness"
"Fragments of a Fractured Mind"
"The Day I Am Not Okay"
"I Love You; Leave Me Alone"
"Never, Now, and Always"
"My Many Mothers"
"The Comeback"
"Different Shade of the Baby Blues"
"We Come Looking For Hope"
"It Got Better, But It Took a Long Time to Get Good"
"Depression is a Numbers Game"
"Sometimes There Aren't Enough Bags of Chips"
"My Longest Winter"
"Light in the Midst of Darkness"
"Making Tea With Pressed Leaves"


  1. Nina Gaby says:

    Hey all! I’m on the southern swing promoting my book “Dumped: Stories of Women Unfriending Women” and the indie bookstores down here are very excited about “Mothering Through Darkness”….doing as much promo as they can stand!

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