• HerTake: Should an Ambivalent Wife Leave Her Marriage?

    When should a midlife woman leave her marriage? During the HerStories Project relaunch, we announced that Gen X women at midlife is the new focus for essays and classes at our site. The relaunch included a call for questions for our resident advice columnist, Nina Badzin, that goes beyond friendship dilemmas. Although Nina will take […]

  • I Am So Glad My Friends Don’t Understand Me

    By Magnolia Ripkin You know when you really connect with somebody? The moment that happens with a friend or a romantic interest when you simply click? That is when you identify them as one of your tribe. They join your crew of people who get you, who understand what drives your thoughts and reactions. Isn’t […]

  • Gen X: Divorce and Dating

    By: Kai McGee   The last time I was on the dating scene, Lauryn Hill was still with The Fugees, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was a fresh faced, endearing teenager and we all believed that Carrie and Samantha would be best friends forever. A few decades have passed and the Fugees are nothing […]

  • Every Writer Needs An Email List: Here’s Why

    Here’s why every writer needs an email list: An email list is the most powerful way for a writer to connect with her audience. You might be skeptical about that. You might be thinking: I connect with potential readers all the time. I post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I write blog posts and pitch my […]

  • I Gave Birth To Writing

    There has never been as many American women who do not have children as the present moment. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2014 40% of women, aged 15 to 50, were not mothers, the highest percentage since the Bureau started keeping track of this data. At the start of this decade, about one in […]

  • Learning To Swim: An Anxiety Disorder Journey

    Women are more than twice as likely to suffer from anxiety disorders as men. Anxiety disorders are also more likely to show up earlier in a woman’s life. Anxiety disorders can be debilitating and prevent sufferers from performing the simplest tasks, such as driving, flying, or running basic errands.  Marcia Kester Doyle suffered for many years […]