• Something That’s Mine

    By Heather Jones “Why do you need a laptop?” asked my husband. “Because I write a lot,” I answered. It was true. I do write a lot, and the days of quills and carrier pigeons are over. I do need a device with which to write and email. “Yes, but what’s wrong with the tablet […]

  • My Parents Raised Me To Be Fearless. Then Why Am I So Scared?

    Many in our generation have found that our own Gen X parenting feels and looks a lot different than what they remember from their own childhoods. In today’s essay, Gina Rich reflects on her own struggles with balancing fear and freedom in her parenting.  Growing up, I was lucky enough to have a girl my age […]

  • How To Get Published Online

    If you want to get published online, your work isn’t done when you finish the piece. (For more on the qualities of good writing that will impress an editor, read this.) I’ve read hundreds of submissions — for our anthologies and for our website — and my best advice is to treat the submission process […]

  • I Stopped Believing In Fairy Tales When Natalie Wood Died

    By Kristina Wright I was a fourteen-year-old high school freshman when Natalie Wood drowned under mysterious circumstances. High school was a different world than middle school had been, a world where I discovered how to flirt and date and daydreamed about the prince who would be my boyfriend. My mother shared her love of Natalie […]

  • Midlife and the Death of the Start

    Not all women experience a midlife crisis in their forties, or at least not in the same way. Midlife can also be a time of new starts and new beginnings. Elura Nanos shares how she has come to look at midlife in a new way. By Elura Nanos   For a little while now, I’ve […]

  • When Dual Unemployment Tests a Marriage

    Unemployment is stressful for a family, and for a marriage. When a spouse is unemployed, conflict and resentment can easily find its way into even the strongest marriage. What happens when both spouses are unemployed? Liz Alterman tells the story of the impact of unemployment on her marriage.     I’ll probably never be able […]