• Why Don’t My Kids Understand How Cool I Am?

    By Meredith Bland It took us ten years to get here, but it has finally happened: my kids no longer think I’m cool. In fact, they think I am really, truly, mind-numbingly uncool. It became official this morning while my daughter was looking at her iPad. “Oh, no,” she cried, “Gabe the Dog died!” “Gabe […]

  • When a Mean Girl Excludes You From a Group of Friends

    What should you do when you’re being excluded by friends? UPDATE (2019): FIND NINA AND HER COLUMN AT HER NEW FRIENDSHIP ADVICE SITE   Our advice columnist Nina Badzin is back with a dilemma from a woman who moved to her husband’s hometown and inherited his less-than-friendly group of friends. She likes some of them, […]

  • Just This I Cannot Share

    Today’s guest post is from Meagan Schultz, who writes about the times when pain cannot be shared, even during the closest friendship.   By Meagan Schultz I never would have thought there were things I would not share with my best friend. I would have called bullshit if you’d tried to tell me that in […]

  • Learning a New Script

    Parenting a special needs child can be challenging, with its own joys and triumphs. It can also be lonely. Unfortunately, parents of special needs children often find that their own friends, colleagues, and acquaintances can lack empathy or basic kindness in all sorts of situations. In this guest post, Alexis Calabrese writes about how she […]

  • Conscious Unhovering

        By Lizbeth Meredith “Don’t ever do this again, Mom,” came the angry text from my youngest daughter. “It’s so inappropriate. . . I don’t need your help.” Home for a college break, she was texting from her post at a coffee shop, waiting for the blind date I’d set her up with. And […]

  • When You Regret That You Hired a Friend

    Nina is back with a dilemma about whether to hire a close friend and what to do if you’ve already hired a friend and the situation isn’t working well. Can the friendship be saved? Would you hire your close friend as a realtor, lawyer, financial planner, and so on? Nina is always accepting anonymous questions here.   Dear […]