• The Window: The Lockdown, My Mother, and Me

    by Emily Blake My mother and I had, for many years, an excruciating relationship.  My father was a loving, charming and brilliant man, and my mother seemed a repressive, ill-tempered presence in comparison. Her efforts to rein me in were the bane of my adolescence, and our hostility lingered after my father’s death, which devastated […]

  • A Latina Gen-Xer’s Take on the Half-Time Booty Shake

    We asked for guest posts today about the Super Bowl half-time performance last night, and we were simply inundated with responses. We haven’t traditionally done this — asked for timely responses (some would describe them derisively as “hot takes”) about major cultural events. For me, this time felt different. I had no idea what I […]

  • Embracing Being the Odd (Wo)Man Out

    by Jennifer McCue   “Oh look, the commie has arrived.” “Hey, let me introduce you to my one lefty buddy.” “Here comes the snowflake, we have to watch what we say now!” These are just a few of the comments that have been directed at me from some of my more—how shall I put it?—slightly-right-of-the-Kaiser family, […]

  • Uncluttering a Life

    By Jacqueline Dooley Last month my neighbor (I’ll call him “Dave”) lost his house. A deputy showed up at the house and stood on the curb while two men moved Dave’s belongings onto his front lawn. Dave had been in foreclosure for over a year. I only learned about it in May when a man […]

  • Latina Awakens

    By Tanya Estes In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the closest thing my mother could find to a doll that culturally represented her Mexican-American daughter was the Juan Epstein character from Welcome Back Kotter. Until Cabbage Patch Kids released a tan doll around 1983, he would shoulder the primary burden of the cultural void […]