• Shifting Normal During Quarantine

     I slice my finger during the turmoil of getting dinner ready on time, with the help of an eager, clumsy child.  There is a moment between the cut and the pain. I’m doing quarantine wrong, I think. Some families maximize this time turning out full-length operas, manifestos, or alternative theories in quantum physics. Some families […]

  • How the Pandemic Made My Daughter “Essential”

    My daughter works as a cashier at a food market. Back in March, shortly before Florida’s “safer-at-home order,” her boss handed her a letter identifying her as an essential worker. “Keep it to show your grandkids,” I told her. She’s 21. Cue the eye roll. Yet I could tell the thought tickled her. Essential worker. People have […]

  • I Am The (Gen X) Cheese

    My cell phone vibrates while I am on a conference call with the CEO of my company. We’re talking about the impending layoffs and I am trying not to cry, gearing up to tell half of my team that they don’t have jobs anymore. It’s my mom calling me, for the third time in fifteen […]

  • What Perimenopause Is Like During a Pandemic

    By Chelsey Drysdale In the late ‘80s, a mysterious illness hit me with debilitating vertigo, plastering me to the same family room floor where my parents and I now treat the Roku box like a shrine during this COVID-19 quarantine. When I lifted my head off the floor, the world spun upside down.  That same […]

  • How To Explode During Quarantine

    by Krissy Dieruf I’m stuffing my feelings—all of them, every day. I am a clinical therapist, so I know better. But quarantine during COVID-19 has created an abundance of confusion, too many emotions waging war in my mind to allow room to breathe. My feelings are like my house, bursting from the inside out, bloated, […]

  • The Virtues of List-Making In a Dark Time

    by Julia Cho I still have a copy of the digital to-do list I had up on my computer the day my 33-year-old husband died suddenly almost ten years ago. The list included everyday things (“Take the car for an oil change; Return library books”), as well as summer plans (“Go raspberry picking in August”). […]