• Do What’s a Blast

    By Ann Imig I spent my whole childhood and young adult life singing. My parents invested in years of vocal lessons, and I practiced everyday, everywhere. I sang the FAME soundtrack from the backseat of the car. I acted out “A Hard Knock Life” while we did dishes. I belted Whitney Houston from my bedroom. […]

  • Defying Cultural Norms: Midlife Women Who Refuse to Fade

    by Dana Schwartz For me, midlife began in earnest not with the typical milestone birthday, but with an errant eyebrow hair. At first I assumed it was blonde, since I used to be, but on closer inspection I realized it was white. As in gray. Horrified, I yanked it out and searched for more. Nothing–not […]

  • A Friend Who Only Communicates Via Text

    How do you handle friends who only text? This month’s column may resonate with many, whether you have been offended by a texting-only friend, or you prefer texting to calling or connecting in person.  Readers, we would love to hear your perspective in the comments below! Do you have a question for Nina? Use our anonymous form. […]

  • A Botched Weekend Away With Friends

    A woman who feels her boyfriend’s close friends ruined her birthday getaway plans wants to know how to avoid a similar situation in the future. Readers, what advice can you add to what Nina suggests below? Do you have a question for Nina? Use our anonymous form. You can read Nina’s answers to past questions […]

  • Trying (Too Hard) To Reach BFF Status

    This month our friendship advice columnist advises a letter writer who wants to a friend to become a BFF. How should you handle a situation when you want to be best friends with someone who is not putting in equal time and effort?

  • Can The Adults’ Friendship Survive After The Children’s Friendship Ends?

    Two questions came in recently dealing with children’s friendship dilemmas when the parents are good friends. Should the parents get involved? Can the adults’ friendship remain intact even if the kids’ friendship does not? Since the questions are short, Nina included both. Do you have a question for Nina? Use our anonymous form. You can […]