• That’s My High School: A Reunion

    by Melissa Uchiyama That high school on TV and all over the news? Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School? I graduated from that school. I do not know the current students, of course; I live far away. I only know their words, their speeches to Congress, their interviews and tweets. What were my friends and I […]

  • Reckoning With the Wreckage: A Midlife Love Story of Choosing Me

    By Shannon Lell   I’m writing this two weeks before my 40th birthday and in many ways, it feels like a rebirth; it’s definitely a love story. You see, my midlife crisis came early, a decade premature. Because of that, I spent the better part of my 30s in recovery, a kind of Life ICU. […]

  • Nothing Like I Expected

    By Lindsey Mead   If you’d asked me when I was a teenager what I wanted my life to look like in my 40s, I would have probably told you the following: I’d like two children, I’d like to have a happy marriage and a fulfilling career, and I would like to live in Cambridge. […]

  • As Long As There Aren’t Trampolines

    By Victoria Fedden My daughter’s school recently held a get-together at an indoor trampoline park. When I was a kid, I dreamed of jumping on trampolines—doing flips, bouncing high into the air, and feeling weightless. I imagined it would be almost like flying, so on the day of the event, I donned my active wear […]

  • Is Midlife More Confusing for Gen X Women?

    When I was a teenager, I loved taking quizzes in my YM magazine. Any particular insight I could get into myself was validating and slightly thrilling. To be honest, I loved labels. “What Type of Friend Are You?” “How Confident Are You?” “What’s Your Vacation Style?” I seriously loved learning more about myself, and instead […]

  • Furious Awakening

    By Emily Nichols Grossi   The workmen come early, before the rising sun pierces the inky morning darkness. The sounds of hammers on chisels on wood reverberate through my home, and I jolt awake. The aggressive buzz of a circle saw adds to the concert downstairs. I feel joy. *** A friend sends me the […]