• Lifting the Heart

    A guest post from Kerry of Winding Road on the loss of a friend and the power of forgiveness.

  • Online Friends

    Have you ever connected online with other new moms? Did your online friendships ever become “real life”?

  • When Friendships and Book Clubs Do Not Mix

    Have you ever felt like you had a book club curse? Contributor Nina Badzin shares her story of finding a way to mix friendship with book clubs.

  • A New Year’s Update: New Friends and New Beginnings

    It’s a New Year, and we’re taking a few moments to reflect on why we’re grateful for last year and why we’re excited for what’s ahead.

  • I’m Going Rogue: Punching Culture in the Face With a Phone Call

    Are you guilty of relying too much on text messages and social media to keep in touch with your friends? Vicky Willenberg reminds us to take the time to pick up the phone and call, or better yet, get together with our friends face to face.

  • Our Contributors Are Amazing: Part I

    See what a few of our fantastic contributors have been writing about!

  • Juggling Without a To-Do List: Reflections From a Work At Home Mom

    The complexities and compromises of mothers who work at home are often lost in discussions about “leaning in” and “opting out.” Jessica talks about how she is learning to become a stay at home mom.

  • Even At 2 a.m.

    Were you lucky enough to have a friend to call at 2 a.m. to help you during your first months of new motherhood? Jean shares the wisdom and support she received from the friend that she could call even in the loneliest hours of the night.

  • Stronger Than Me

    Rose from Naturally Educated shares a powerful essay about friendship and loss.

  • The Miles Between Us

    Today’s essay comes from Stephanie’s “real-life” friend, Erica, and chronicles the deterioration of a friendship.

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