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Michelle Stephens

Michelle Stephens
"Light in the Midst of Darkness"

Michelle Stephens writes from the home she shares with her husband and their two daughters. In addition to being the in-house cookie baker, nose wiper, milk maker, diaper changer, and potty helper she writes a bi-monthly column for The Brattleboro Reformer, a southern Vermont daily newspaper. Her work can be found on Mamalode, BonBon Break, and on her personal blog, Juicebox Confession.

“Anxiety and depression washed over me following the birth of my second daughter. I was scared and overwhelmed. I found comfort in the little rays of light that my daughters brought to my days. I found comfort in them.”

“I struggled silently and alone after the birth of my older daughter. Years later, as I slowly opened up about it (and then experienced it again with my baby) I realized I was not alone and I had to share my story, even if it only helps one other woman, it would be worth it.”