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Maureen Fura

Maureen Fura
"Scar Tissue"

Maureen Fura is a storyteller and activist. She recently co-produced, wrote and directed “The Dark Side of the Full Moon,” the first documentary exposing the barriers of care when women face a mental health crisis during pregnancy and the postpartum period in the U.S. She is the mother of two beautiful sons and birth mother to a fearless young woman who hates brushing her hair as much as she does. Maureen has a story in the Badass: Lip Service Anthology. She lives in Miami.

“The piece is about the scar tissue that exists even when a mother is better. How her experience impacts her perceived bond with her child. It is about the tiny places we can’t let go and we can’t forgive.”

“I wish more people understood that these disorders are common. They are not new. They are not unique to a certain kind of woman. I wish people knew that by ignoring them and not talking about them doesn’t make them go away. That they do impact the wellbeing of children and families. That just because they are in the mind doesn’t mean they are not part of the body and shouldn’t be taken as seriously as the levels of excess blood sugar or elevated levels of blood pressure. That when a mother is not well the whole world suffers.”
“I decided to write about my experience because it is healing to get it out. When I can create art out of my feelings I can see my experience through a softer light. It’s like putting it out in the world helps bring healing and light into my dark places.”