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Lea Grover

Lea Grover
"Recognizing the Darkness"

Lea Grover is a writer and speaker living on Chicago’s south side. Her writing has been featured in numerous anthologies, including “Listen To Your Mother: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now,” an on websites ranging from The Huffington Post to AlterNet to The Daily Mail Online, and she speaks about sex positivity in parenting and on behalf of the RAINN Speakers Bureau.

“Although I suffered from bouts of depression my entire life, I never took it seriously as a disease. When my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer, I was faced with what I considered a *real* medical condition. In the next years I was struck by suicidal PPD and APD, and I found myself constantly shaming myself for a disease that, I came to learn, kills as many people in the US every year as my husband’s brain cancer.”

“I wish more people understood that postpartum depression and antepartum depression are real diseases, valid and debilitating and most of all, treatable. I decided to write about my own experience because I believe the more we speak about it, the smaller the stigma of mental illness will grow. I would advise a new mother, struggling with depression, to acknowledge it openly. To ask for help whenever she has the window, and to accept that having a disease doesn’t make her weak or bad- it is simply as much a fact as having cancer, or lupus. And it can be overcome.”