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Kristi Rieger Campbell

Kristi Rieger Campbell
"His Baby Watermelon Head"

Kristi Rieger Campbell’s passion is writing and drawing stupid-looking pictures for her blog, Finding Ninee. It began with a memoir about her special-needs son Tucker, abandoned when she read that a publisher would rather shave a cat than read another memoir. Kristi writes for a variety of parenting websites including Huffington Post Parents, has been published in several popular anthologies, received 2014 BlogHer’s Voice of the Year People’s Choice Award, and was a proud cast member of the DC Listen to Your Mother show. She almost always leaves home in either Uggs or flip-flops.

“When my son was an infant, there were times when my fear of something happening to him was paralyzing. I imagined the most horrific (and, in hindsight, ridiculous) scenarios of bad things happening to both of us, or worse, to him. I felt that I didn’t really deserve to be a mother and that the universe was sure to figure it out and take the honor away from me.

It took me years to realize that my experiences were not typical new mother ones. That picturing my son’s broken body was not “normal.”  In writing about my experience, I hope that a new mother out there feels less alone and more empowered to seek help.”