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Kate Kearns

Kate Kearns
"I Love You; Leave Me Alone"

Kate Kearns is a poet, mother, manuscript editor, wife, and business owner, jumping on all the equipment in the writing playground. This is her first personal essay. Kate earned her MFA in Creative Writing at Lesley University. Her poetry collection, How to Love an Introvert was released in 2015 through Finishing Line Press, and her short fiction has appeared at Mash Stories. You can read her blog and follow her publications at

“I Love You; Leave Me Alone examines what happens when grief, introversion, and new motherhood collide to create an unexpected mosaic that is equally multifaceted, gorgeous, and sharp. The causes and complexities that lead into and out of postpartum depression can’t be simplified. There’s no moment at which anyone can look back and say, “Yes, that’s what did it. That was the key. If we all just avoid that, we’ll be okay.”

“The prompt for this anthology sparked a strong reaction in me that made me start writing, and writing it was an act of healing in itself, but when it was done I knew that maybe someone else’s story may have something in common with mine. Writing creates a shared experience, and to the writer, the reader, and the other writers whose stories reside in a common collection, that act is a salve.”