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Kara Overton

Kara Overton
"The Comeback"

Kara Overton is a wife, mother, teacher, and proud survivor of postpartum anxiety. She lives in southeast Iowa with her husband and two daughters and works as a high school English teacher. She enjoys untangling her thoughts on her blog, The Novel, where she writes about the triumphs and trials of motherhood. You can find her on Twitter at @overtonkara or at her blog at

“This piece is a heavy snapshot of the postpartum anxiety that consumed me after the birth of both my daughters. It reveals what I will later come to recognize as my rock bottom, a lonely and terrible beginning to difficult, empowering recovery. In this, my darkest moment, I learn I’m not alone – a fleeting flicker of light amid terrible darkness.”

“Postpartum depression and anxiety are the loneliness of illnesses. I’m sharing my story to help eradicate that loneliness – to help erase that isolation. Struggling mamas, take heart, you are in the strongest of company.”