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Jenny Kanevsky

Jenny Kanevsky
"The Day I Am Not Okay"

Jenny Kanevsky lives in Austin, Texas with her two sons. Her novel, Chosen Quarry is available on Kindle and she blogs at In Other Words. She is a regular contributor at Huffington PostThe Good Men Project and BLUNTmoms. Her work is also featured on Lipstick & Politics, Role Reboot, and What The Flicka.

“My story is about postpartum anxiety and depression. When it hit at three weeks, it was visceral, and debilitating. I have clinical depression and was at risk for PPD/A, so I knew to seek help. Yet, the anxiety was more powerful and terrifying than any depressive episode I’d ever experienced. I had both but with support and medication, I recovered.”

“I wrote about my experience with PPD/A to help other women who may be suffering. No woman should feel ashamed or alone; no woman should feel pressure from a partner, friend, other family member to ‘happy’ because she’s just given birth, nor should her feelings be dismissed as ‘baby blues.’ PPD/A is a serious illness, it is not anyone’s fault and it deserves attention, compassion and care.”

“For me, the turning point was stopping nursing. I wanted to breastfeed; I had breastfed my first son. I felt I had to do everything the same for my second. Everything. I worked so hard. But I was a mother of an infant and an active three year old. And I was suffering. Sometimes what’s best for the baby is what’s best for the mom. And, I had to sleep, I wasn’t sleeping during the day anymore with the baby, and I was up all night nursing.  As soon as my husband took over the bedtime routine and night feedings, I started sleeping through the night, even when the baby didn’t. Along with the medication, my anxiety subsided, my body began to heal, and I recovered.”