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Celeste Noelani McLean

Celeste Noelani McLean
"Life With No Room"

Celeste Noelani McLean is the woman behind RunningNekkid, where she explores the intersection of grief, mental health, and her Pacific Islander ancestry. Her writing has been featured on Blog Her and has appeared in SisterWives Speak and Stigma Fighters. She left her island paradise home over twenty years ago and has been trying to figure out how to get back ever since. She currently lives in Seattle with her husband Ian, where they raise two children, grieve one, and make each other very, very happy. You can find her at her blog,

“New parenthood is an enormous transition even in the best of situations. This is not the best of situations. But even new Motherhood in the face of medical crises, high risk pregnancy after loss, and grief can be survived …  We all require care, empathy and patience as we figure out the new normal. Don’t hide it, and don’t t buy into the idea that you need to do this all alone without help. All people need to be taken care of. Let your people (family, doctors, etc) care for you.

A few weeks after my son was stillborn, I went to my doctor and told her that I couldn’t tell if I was having postpartum depression or if it was “just” grief. She told me it didn’t matter; I didn’t need to suffer, and help was available no matter what was going on. I replay her words in my head when I feel I can’t say them to myself. I don’t need to suffer, no matter what.”