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Becky Castle Miller

Becky Castle Miller
"My Many Mothers"

Becky Castle Miller is the Managing Editor of Wyn Magazine, providing resources and hope for mental and emotional healing. In 2009, she had an emotional breakdown that uncovered heartache, loss, and undiagnosed postpartum depression. Now she’s figuring out a healthy life with her husband and four children as American expats in the Netherlands. Witness her family’s disasters and adventures at

“The process of bringing my second child into the world left me unable to care for him or his older sister. Postpartum depression took away my ability to mother. In depression, I had become functionally a child again. Many mothering hands surrounded me and raised me up and taught me how to mother again.”

“Faith, friends, therapy, and medication. I needed my relationship with Jesus to give me spiritual health, I needed my friends to give me emotional health, I needed therapy to give me mental health, and I needed medication to give me physical health. Recovery is a holistic process that must encompass every aspect of a woman’s being: spirit, emotions, mind, and body.”