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Alana Joblin Ain

Alana Joblin Ain
"Even Shamans Get the Blues"

Mother, writer and teacher, Alana Joblin Ain, earned her MFA in poetry from Hunter College in NYC, where she has taught creative writing and literature. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Dossier Journal, Crab Orchard Review, Quarterly West, and RealPoetik, among other publications.  Alana lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Dan, and their two children, Autumn and Samson.

“My essay describes a painful disconnect between my ideals and the very real depression / anxiety that I experienced after the birth of my daughter.  The wife of a rabbi and daughter of a mystical “shaman” mom, I had always turned to faith and alternative modes of healing in difficult times.  It was initially devastating to accept that I needed to see a traditional doctor and treat my PPD, but, ultimately, the piece explores how this acceptance and treatment was lifesaving.”

“I feel beyond blessed to have had access to help during my postpartum. It saved my life, and it’s wrenching for me to think about the women who do not have the resources (accurate information or assistance) to get the support that they need and deserve.  I wrote this piece and sought its publication in the hopes that if enough people share their stories, there will more access for all women and mothers.”

“I wish – and am optimistic – that the more open women are about their postpartum experiences, there will be a new awareness and less shame among mothers.  I hope that people will recognize that the women suffering from postpartum depression / anxiety are strong, loving, brave mothers, and that this very treatable condition will be greeted with less stigma and more compassion.”