Our Newest Class: “Mother. Writer: Finding, Claiming, and Using Our Voices”

Our Newest Class: “Mother. Writer: Finding, Claiming, and Using Our Voices”

"Mother, Writer: Finding, Claiming, and Using Our Voices" (May 11 - 29)

We're thrilled to announce our newest class!

This unique three week course will be a blend of provocative discussion questions, related readings, writing prompts, and class discussion within a safe, supportive course community. Each day of this three-week class will be focused on a theme and question and will include a relevant reading, as well as a topic for discussion and for writing response. Participants will share the responsibility for guiding class discussion. The cost is $85.

Topics will include:

  • How does being a mother who works outside the home or stays at home influence your writing?​
  • When and how do we write about our children and our marriages?
  • What are your fears as a writer?
  • Do you identify as a "mommy blogger" or a "mother-writer"?
  • How do memories of your own mother and childhood influence your writing?​
  • How do we make time for ourselves as writers?
  • How do we respond to criticism and commenters when our writing is made public?

Take the class....

Join us in discussing and writing about our lives as mothers and writers.... 

Join our HerStories writing community! In just a few short months, we've watched our students' writing from our classes be published in such publications as the New York Times Motherlode, Full Grown People, the Washington Post On Parenting, and Mamalode​.


  1. Hi, Vicky! There will be a daily email sent with a prompt, reading, or discussion question, and we will also be interacting in a closed FB group. However, there won’t be any specific days or times when you need to “show up,” if that makes sense, since it’s all online. For three weeks, you’ll get an email with a daily theme (probably Mon-Fri), including a reading, a writing prompt, and a discussion question. When exactly you participate and interact will be up to you. But unless you’re the person who is responsible for “leading” the discussion (don’t panic!!) that day, it won’t be imperative for you to check in at a certain point. Does this make sense?

  2. Leah Silverman GAles says:

    Hi, Jessica and Stephanie —

    Is this class targeted toward a particular age group? As a writer and mother with adult children, my focus is more on exploring my relationship with my own mother, now deceased, than it is with my sons. Thanks.


  3. Fatehpal Khalsa says:

    Hi! I’ve signed up for the course and received two invitations to join the course on the ruzuku.com platform but neither link takes me anywhere. Please let me know if there is another way for me to access the course. Thank you. I am really looking forward to it! 🙂

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